Gimme a dollar, one dollar, one dollar to you dolladolladolla

Yes, we went to our first Sask country auction on the weekend.  We didn’t stay for all of it, as we had work in Tway to do, but we did buy some pump jacks and some antique-y hand drills.  Good for decor for the farm.  My sister, Cyndi, has a lovely hobby farm outside of Athens, Ontario, with a beautiful log home and 40 acres.  Don’t know how ours will turn out, but she certainly has a hand for decorating and their place is show home quality.  I think she gives Martha a run for her money.  Maybe she can provide some tips when we get to that stage.
SO off to work in Tway we went.  We got a fair bit of work done.  We are about 30 feet from the end of the Indian Trail.  We should be able to break through on our next work day.  Then we can take the quad up there and start running our supplies through the trail.  It was a lovely night.  Bill and I talked and we’ve decided we’ve never seen more beautiful sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, than in Sask.  Maybe it’s because you can see forever.  We’re not sure, but that red moonrise is georgous.  JM and Bill and I were up until midnight or so, watching the stars move through the sky. 
We’re down two chickens.  Don’t know what theactual cause or time of death was, but they’re gone.  Such is life, I guess.  We read that it is usual to lose a few upon startup.  AT any rate, the rest of them are growing like weeds.  The breed of chicken we are growing is the Rock Cornish Giant.  These birds will eat themselves to death (genetically engineered) so we now have to take their food from them except for about 6 hrs a day.  Apparently they will eat so much that it stresses their legs and heart and they will die prematurely.  I watched a U Tube on factory chicken farming and was quite disgusted.  Large chicken operations seem dirty, heartless and cruel.  To tell you the truth, I am getting to the place where I don’t want to eat anything I don’t grow.  Who knows what’s in the food you eat??  And it all tastes like chicken!   I sure will be glad to get to a point where we are somewhat more self sustaining. 
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