All Play and Little Work

With the girls in town, there was little time to work on our little house on the prairie.  That being said, we did get the chicks in and settled into their new environs and get a bit more work done in Tway.  All this and me fighting another sinus infection.  These nasty infections have become the bane of my existance, and I found out that they could accually be attributed to migranes!  Once I get a family doctor, I will get this sourced out.  I would love to be rid of the pain that reoccurs every two months or so…
At any rate, we had a wonderful time with the girls, and for the first time, I could really feel the distance.  When they left,I cried.  They laughed!  I am programmed to cry upon departures of loved ones.  I can’t seem to stop myself.  Ask my parents.  This has been going on for years.  Oh well…guess I’m just a softy.  
So we went boating and tubing and then…crunch.  Bill heard the prop hit something real hard and sure enough, we were in bad shape.  We were tubing in "the narrows" and apparently there are lots of rocks there and usually people (water people) put bouys out to warn us unsuspecting boaters…not this year.  We took the boat in and Bill was told that it could be real serious – call your insurer.  Thankfully, we got word today that it was just the prop!  They fitted us with a spare and we’re good to go, as soon as we pick up the boat.
It’s hot here – not just mildly hot, but HOT HOT HOT.  With the humidity it feels like it’s over 100 degrees F.  (I don’t do C)  Thanks for my pool in the back yard.  IT might be small, but it’s effective!  Even the girls were in it.
So I found out that my daughter, Kris, is a HOOPER.  I thought something was up.  She would always come to visit and bring some home made hula hoop…and she’d work out from time to time with it.  Now I learn that she’s gone to some kind of convention and that she is a qualified HOOPER!   She’s actually pretty good and apparently it’s good for you!
Tara, my eldest, is a nature lover, and loved the little chicks that we’ve housed in our shed (not to mention the frogs in Tway).  She’s very much at home in the country and I hope one day we have her close by (I hope they will all be close by some day, but Tara is a real possibility).  Kris likes it out here as well…but her only fear is chickens!  She doesn’t like their feet and beaks…go figure.
They left early Sunday, so we decided to Tway it and went out to work.  Hottest day in the year, I swear!  Cut the grass (we can now use the mower in the camp) and recut the indian path.  Bill worked on the walls for the outhouse and we painted the flooring of the screened in porch to protect it until it has walls and a roof.  We came home and jumped in my little pool!  Best $100 I ever spent!   
This weekend we plan to go to an auction.  We’re on the lookout for farm equipment.  Wish us luck! 
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