Working Weekend in Wakaw

Whew!  It’s been hot here…nice, but warm.  And we chose one of the hottest weekends to stay home and work on the Wakaw house.  It’s starting to take shape, but it will never be a palace (hence the log cabin on the farm scenario).  We put lovely birch hardwood flooring down though, and it looks great!  Things are different here in Wakaw.  We ordered $1800 worth of lumber from the local lumber yard downtown and asked for a delivery.  They delivered it with a fork lift in two trips!!  Such is small town living!
But work is really cramping our style…and they are already starting to kid about getting us an apartment in town (S’Toon) so we can work weekends (such an entrepreneurial spirit, but no life for us, I’m afraid).
The chickens are coming…and we are still not ready.  Now we find that they are comng in a day or two early!  We need a couple of weeks off just to get it all together, ya know?  But that isn’t possible at the moment.  So we must eak by and do what we can, when we can.  We’ll be ready for the chickens when they arrive, as Bill and I are great 11th hour save folks, but it sure would be nice to have the luxury of time.
This weekend our daughters are coming up for a visit, so it will be a relax and have fun weekend.  Guess the work can wait.  It’s not like it’s going anywhere.
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