Time Warp Anyone?

There’s just not enough time in a day, let alone a week to accomplish all we’d like to.  That includes our play time…which cuts into our deliverables.  How’s that for project management speak?  This weekend, we put down the last part of the decking on the screened in porch and also got the out house started (hole dug, floor framed).  I also manicured the front piece of the open property a bit better.  It’s starting to take shape!  We have a great view of the pond and of all the ducks in it.
As well, Bill got word that the RM (rural municipality) of Invergorten will help build our road into the property.  For a nominal fee…the culvert is free.  And he ordered our quad.  It should be arriving in a few days.  No, we aren’t quite ready for it.  We still have to finish clearing the Indian Path through to the middle of the property.  That will allow us a road in on our own property.  To date, we’ve been lucky to scramble through an unused field – and only when the rain hasn’t made it a soggy mess.  It’s actually an interesting property, owned by a man who lives in PA (Prince Albert).  THere are the remains of a building there and in the field behind where it once stood, I’ve been finding their ‘dump’ – lots of broken pottery.  It was quite common back in the olden days to just throw your garbage out the back door…a few feet or more from the house.  In the fall, when the greenery surrounding the old timbers has died, we’ll scope it out for any other artifacts.  As we cleared the brush at the front, we found the remains of a barbed wire fence and an old bucket.  I think the two properties might have been together at some point in time.  Researching the property will be a good hobby when I retire.
Today at lunch, we ate at Baba’s, a place noted for their fine Perogies (we got TexMex perogies, if you can believe it!) – then we went to Ansty’s and bought the lights, feeders and waterers for the chicks.  They will arrive in 10 days.  Are we ready?  Not quite.  Will we be?  Not an option! 
Our list of things to do over the next two weeks include (in no particular order):
Entertaining family – daughters are visiting
taking up carpet in den in house and putting down birch hardwood flooring
building a chicken coop
finishing the out house
finishing the screened in porch walls
cutting through the Indian Path
Time, we need more time!  Still, with all the work, we manage to have fun.  Work hard, play hard, ah cha cha cha cha!
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