Happy Canada Day

Fireworks, a bonfire, wine, and the company of dogs and ruddy ducks was how we spent July 1st in Tway  JM spent the night partying with new friends instead of with old parents, but such is life at the age of 17.  He had, after all, stayed up at our camp on Friday night – when one of the most spectacular displays of lightning took place.  We were awakened at 2am to cracks of thunder and peals of lighting that lit up the tent every few seconds.  For a few moments, I honestly thought we might be gonners.  The worst to come out of that freak storm was that we had to leave our truck on site, due to the 25mm of rain.  There’s no way it would make it through the field without getting stuck.
There’s much to be done in Tway.  Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.  But then again, when we’ve put in a hard day’s work and can see what we’ve accomplished, it’s all worth it.  This weekend we started working on the screened in deck.  That will give us more space when we are camping up there.  We’re toying with the idea of forgoing the sleeping cabin and just forging onward with the house idea.  We can go back and add a cabin here or there as time permits and energy allows. 
We also cut down and moved brush out from in front of where we have our trailer parked.  This gives us a better view of the pond.  It really is lovely there.  This week, Bill caught on film a flock of pelicans, goldfinches, ruddy ducks, an unknown bird with beautiful markings. 
My excitement was learning how to drive our new dirt bike.  It’s a six speed, on and off road (so I will need my motorcycle license and can     officially be called a motorcycle mama!) 200cc Suzuki.  I dropped it once and got it stuck in the muddy field next door.  So far, so good! 
I still need lots of practice before I’d feel comfortable taking it on the street.
Next week, we should be getting our quad…a whole new driving experience.  My helmet is my friend! 
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