The Bluebird of Happiness

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with Father’s Day, Bill’s Birthday, clearing brush, a last trip back to Airdrie before closing our house deal, pouring pads for a screened in porch in Tway for our tent trailer – which is now set up on the "farm" – and working for a living.  We like our new set up and don’t mind the drive into S’toon every day.  The landscape is breathtaking.  Each morning is like a nature tour down country back roads.  It’s not uncommon for us to see coyotes, ducks, geese, fox and deer on our way to work.  We also see plenty of domesticated animals doing weird things.  One morning, in a field on the way to Rosthern, we saw a dozen or so horses rallying to get into an old deserted house.  It reminded me of the old college trick of stuffing a telephone booth!  What were they thinking.  It was 6am and no one was around to take pictures!
The abandoned buildings around the countryside are numerous and possess a beauty of their own.  Time is lost, captured in graying and decaying barnboard.  Bill, resident photographer, will be getting a telephoto lens for his birthday.  Some day, when we have nothing to do – or better yet, when the mood strikes us, for the former will not happen for a while – we’ll go for a country road tour and snap photos of these wonders.
So if you’re wondering how the farming is going – step one to being a farmer…buy some chickens
We met for lunch one day and stopped in at Ansey Hatcheries, which is just around the corner from the office.  There, we ordered 100 chicks.  Thankfully they won’t arrive until July 20th or so…and by that time, we should have the chicken coop built!  If you build it, they will come…and hopefully lay a few eggs and be good eatin’ too!  
Getting back to the bluedbird of happiness…well, I’ve seen mine.  A couple of bluebirds actually.  When I first spotted the winged creature, I thought I was halucinating.  I’d never seen a bird so BLUE…and it was just a quick flash.  But then I saw them again and realized I wasn’t losing my marbles – there are bluebirds here!  And many other species of birds I’ve never seen before.  Life is better in the country!
And the Saskatchewan Government, being the thoughtful souls they are, have sent us out our 2008 tree order form!  Next year, Lilacs, Ash and Elm!
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