Novice Boaters Lose New Boat to Wakaw Lake

Well, the Wakaw newspaper could have read that way.  Thankfully, our newfound boating experiences have proven us, if nothing else, thoughtful (as in thank God we thought to check on the boat!!). 
We had our boat docked at the marina…tied securely to the dock.  We left the puppy overnight and part of the next day.  When we returned – just to check in on it after 30 hours, we found our boat had cut lose from one rope and was smashing the dock!  The second rope was also close to letting go.  Lesson #2 – lake is, at times, too rough to be left at the dock.  We had to go back home to get the boat trailer and scurried to get the boat onto the trailer, amidst some pretty strong winds.
Back track to the day before (see photos).  We took the boat our for her maiden voyage.  This was Lesson #1.  We couldn’t get the engine started.  Thankfully, the nice man at Wakaw Marine came to help us…it took two seconds.  He showed us how to choke the engine (it’s got a Volvo car engine – 130hp) and away he went…nice, but you could tell he’d been through this before.  Silly folks who don’t read ALL the owner’s manuals!!
So the boat is now in the driveway.  We’ll get out in her the next nice day we have and will only use the dock as a day dock.  You never know what gale wind force will blow down the lake.
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