The Family that Tways Together, Stays Together

Sorry for the pun, but it seemed rather timely.  Bill, JM and I are working on clearing the Tway property.  Bill already had a large portion cleared and had started clearing the Indian Trail.  The first day we all trucked down there, we cleared about 20 yards.  Last night, we cleared until we reached the path that demarks a kind of centre point from an earlier trail that we had hand cut a month or so ago.  We a re heading for the pasture that is about 1/8 km from where we have cleared.  That will provide us with a direct route from the pasture to the clearing via the Indian Trail.  Our next task is to clear the path for our roadway to the homestead.  We have a good idea of where it will run, but will need to walk the property again to ensure we have the road in the right spot.

We are finally settling on the location for our log cabin.  It’s set back about 100′  to the right from the clearing (the clearing is probably where we will build the sleeping cabin – or at least park our trailer if we don’t get to that this year).  There’s plenty of dead poplar that needs to be cut and lots of brush.  So far we have three huge brush piles.  Bill ensures me that he won’t burn down the acreage in the early winter when he burns the brush off.   He had done this before, so I shouldn’t worry.  But anyone who knows me, will know that I will not only worry, but will supervise the event to ensure my happiness (and a successful burn). 

So to dispel a myth…there are mosquitoes here, but no more than were in Airdrie.  They can be intense at dusk and dawn, but other than that, it’s not a worry.  And the amount is far LESS than the swarm that were attacking us as we packed on the last night in Alberta!

Our next trek out, we hope to clean up the remainder of the Indian Trail.  Then we can start on clearing the spot for the log cabin.  Our house deal has closed a week early so money to fiurther finance our endevours should be forthcoming soon.



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