The best laid plans…

Uhaul sucks.  They are very unorganized and I would think that someone would be able to create an inventory system for them and a better business plan that doesn’t leave customers stranded. 
We get a call Thursday night from Uhaul telling us that they are unable to guarantee our reservation for a 24 foot truck for Friday.  While they request 24 cancellation notification, they provided us with 12 hours of ‘we overbooked ourselves’ notification.  There were no trucks available in all of Calgary and area – so we were told.  But I called them again 7am on Friday and was assured by Mandy, the manager, that we would indeed have a vehicle that day.  Good thing.  Bill was flying in for the move and we only had the weekend to complete. 
So while waiting, Bill and I started working on getting the hot tub onto the utility trailer.  He was a regular McGyver, rigging up every kind of lever known to man, just to get the 900 lb tub onto the bed of the trailer, with just our muscle power.  Daughter two, Kris, joined us and soon we had that puppy sitting nicely on the trailer.  It was noon…still no Uhaul.
And the hours ticked by…when we finally got a call at 2:11pm, we were told that our truck was waiting for us…IN STRATHMORE!!  Now, if we lived in Strathmore, that would have been great.  But the Strathmore Uhaul location closed at 4:30 and we didn’t actually get the message until 3:00 – when I actually saw that I had voicemail.  Time was ticking.  Strathmore was at least 1 1/2 hrs away.  We were furious.  Bill was at Canadian Tire buying hold downs for the hot tub.  When I called him again to ask where the #$()* he was (by this time, the frayed nerves had given loose), he told me that he was at the Airdrie Uhaul and that they had 5 TRUCKS just sitting in their lot!
Well, he rented us a 26 footer and the packing commenced.  We finally finished packing at 11:30pm.  Tired, we slept on the floor until 5:30 Saturday morning.  The move was on.
It was a slow drive.  The utility trailer swayed if I sped over 90kms.  Then, outside of S’Toon, the hot tub lid started to catch air and I thought for certain that I’d be parasailing through Toon town.  After nine tiring hours, we were finally home.  We’ve been through worse! 
Well, we are home.  Many of the boxes are unpacked.  The pool has been filled (just a kids pool for me, the biggest kid on earth!) and the hot tub still sits on the utility trailer, in the driveway.  This is going to be a fantastic summer.   
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