Saying Goodbye is Bittersweet – Welcome to a new frontier

It’s been a week of farewells and I have really have held up well, under the circumstances.  So far.  I don’t do goodbyes well.  I tend to turn to mush and tearfully and incoherently babble as I walk out the door.    Hopefully this will be different.  I will sneak out! 

Besides, this isn’t the end of a job, but the beginning of a new life.  And it’s been exciting to share it with my friends and family.  I am really stoked (…like the teen slang?  Just showing how with it this middle-aged woman can really be when she tries ).  So, only two more days of work and then I am off to SK.  Bill keeps sending me photos that make me so envious that he got to go up there first.  Spring sunsets in SK are beautiful.  And the vista from the back yard is breathtaking…apparently (as I have not yet seen one in person!)  Pink, orange and purple twilights and northern lights country can really make all the work worthwhile. 

Tonight, I am packing boxes and am nearly done packing up all our belongings.  Bill is going to drive out to Tway to check on the trees that aren’t yet planted.  He’s laid them on the water’s edge and has them covered with dirt.  There are only a few more that need planting, but it’s pouring rain up there today, so it won’t happen until it clears up.

So to all, keep us in your thoughts.  We’re not that far away!    It’s not goodbye…it’s see you soon.  (And one by one, the population of SK grew as Bill and Jackie harvested friends and family from other provinces to support the SK tax base – Yay, more money to pave the roads!)

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