5 More Sleeps

Only five more sleeps and I will be in the land of lakes and trees!  Bill has been up there for a month, solo, cutting brush, planting trees, tending the garden and working his day job.  He has just cleared a nice spot for our first structure.  We’re going to start off with a platform to put our tent on, and once we have a road into the site, we will bring lumber in necessary to build a 16 x 20 sleeping shack.  We can use this all year round if we build it large enough to incorporate a wood stove.  And we have a lifetime supply of wood!
The house is almost packed up completely.  My daughters were in today to lend a hand.  It will be a change not having kids so close to us, but we’re not that far away.  Only 7 hours…or one hour if they fly.  I hope that they all gravitate to Saskatoon.  It’s a nice town and on the verge of busting into a great city, just as Calgary did not so long ago.  Now, with a million or so folks, Cow Town is just too big for us.
Tway is more our speed.  Population estimated at 20.
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