Diary of Change

This is the story of Jackie and Bill.  Two crazy kids who sold off their city life for a life in the country.  We hope to capture our efforts on this blog, to help any others who are contemplating such a drastic lifestyle change. 
Bill is not new to country life – he grew up on a farm.  I, however, did not…and can be a princess so we will see where this will go.  In truth, I want this as much as my husband does.  We bought 160 acres outside of the hamlet of Tway (pop 20) and fully intend to farm the 70 acres of arable land and buy livestock.  Our plans are quite simple, and reletively inexpensive in the long run.  We hope to be mostly self sufficient within 5 years.  What a challenge!
We are still in the process of naming our farm.  We’ve got a few suggestions, but nothing has stuck so far:  Wild Bullfrog Ranch & BBQ, Coyote Ridge Farm, Blakely’s Acres, Notapine Farm (this name came from the fact that there were no pine trees on the property – since then Bill and family have planted about 500 seedlings), BillyJaq Acres (Farm, Ranch or BBQ)…Don’t know yet.  And you might be asking yourself, what’s with the BBQ?  Just a thought of perhaps putting some guest cabins on the wooded areas and having a BBQ style eatery on site.  All these plans, so little time.
Life is short.  Get yours in gear!  What do you really want to do with what time you have left? 
Now, go for it.
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3 Responses to Diary of Change

  1. VALORIE says:

    How about Blacres Acres….or Jally Rancher….combo of you and Billy Ja for Jackie and lly for Billy…
    We have some news ….WE Bought a house in SC…We are having it built for us…an 2345 square foot Ranch House on a little over a quarter acres of land. It is beautiful…I will send you some pics…We move in 1st of Dec 07. Just got home and dead tired…Love Ya Valorie!

  2. Jackie says:

    Congrats!  I can\’t wait for photos!!  That\’s wonderful news Val! 

  3. Christine and Pierre-Paul says:

    Nice blog; Guess you must be all very excited to leave for the country….wishing you the best !
    Christine and Pierre-Paul

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